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Comment by Anna Subscribed to comments via email
2008-08-03 13:15:35

These recipes look amazing. I am sure going to try them out. I have one question: Can we use these face packs around eyes to remove wrinkles/crow’s feet around eyes? If so, doea that mean we can apply these face packs on the whole face even eye area?

I would appreciate your response.


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Comment by Leon Subscribed to comments via email
2008-08-19 08:11:16

Hi Anna,

I would not suggest exfoliating your eye area as it is the most delicate part of your skin. If you are looking for a recipe specially for crow’s feet then try massaging your eye area with rosehip seed oil mixed with castor oil or sweet almond oil. You can even rub some fresh lemon wedges directly on your crow’s feet to get rid of crow’s feet.

Hope it helps:)

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Comment by admin Subscribed to comments via email
2008-09-29 15:47:30

Thanks Anna for helping with this question and your tips.


Comment by kathleen schuitema
2008-09-27 10:56:39

Sure worth a try, sounds better than surgery.

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Comment by admin Subscribed to comments via email
2008-11-13 14:13:40

Thanks Kathleen, for taking the time to comment. I hope you’ll visit often a give us your feedback. It’s greatly appreciated.

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Comment by paula q
2009-03-20 16:34:46

Hello all – I would like to say that I tried Estee Lauder Creme de la Mer its it did NOTHING for my skin.

It is very expensive at $165 for 2 ounces! It was supposedly to heal burns received in an accident; The reality is that this very chemical laden cream doesn’t contain anything particularly extraordinary ingredients. In fact, the majority of ingredients can be found in CVS-Brand Moisturizers.

For long term effect on wrinkles and a treatment that naturally aided my skin, I used the Vitamin Enhanced Face Firming Serum from the Made from Earth skin care line. This serum uses natural organic ingredients to improve your skin cells around your eyes and I have already seen a MAJOR DIFFERENCE AROUND MY EYES.

In 3 days around my eyes, I have seen a reduction in the fine lines. . You can actually feel it working right after you put it on. . . .I highly recommend it as an EX-crème de la mer user….and a woman who is healthy…and a woman who is tired of all the different expensive creams out that that make promises that they do not live up to….you can find them at madefromearth.com.

I recently switched to only using face creams that contain real plants, fruits and/or juices. No more chemicals for me! Chemicals in skincare products will cause your skin to sag in the long run. That’s because those chemicals don’t belong there and impact your skins elasticity.

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Comment by admin Subscribed to comments via email
2009-03-20 21:49:08

Thanks Paula for sharing your story. I’m pleased to learn you found a product that worked for you.

I do hope you’ll visit often and continue to share your thoughts.

Comment by Laura
2009-05-01 10:20:43

Your recipes sound Wonderful. I am sick of buying products that don’t live up to there promises/expectations.
I am very excited to give yours a go.
Thank you very much for sharing.

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Comment by Laura
2009-05-02 08:26:28

I’m having trouble finding sandlewood powder. Is there an alternative ingredient I can use instead?

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Comment by admin Subscribed to comments via email
2009-05-09 18:52:37

Thanks for your comment and question Laura. I was able to find several sources for sandalwood powder on eBay.

Comment by pauline
2009-09-12 21:10:34

I started using the Made from Earth Vitamin Enhanced MOISTURZIER when Made from Earth first came on the market years ago. There are two specific reasons why I continue to use it.

I am sensitive to cosmetic product smells and perfumes – I can only use chemical and fragrence free – it certainly does not make my eyes water – and its ability to be absorbed by the skin without leaving a residue, or greasy feeling. Some skin products have left my face dried out even though labeled as “moisturizers”. The Made from Earth Moisturizer has this wonderful ‘cool’ feeling to it.

A $70.00 jar lasts 6 months – do the math. Some over the counter skin products cost over $30.00 and Made from Earth products on the whole, are fiscally sound purchases for those looking for a bargain.

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